Battle of Chickamauga

Jay's Mill, opening shots in the batttle (looking north-east)

Bragg's Headquarters on the Brotherton Road

Gen. Thomas's battleline on the left flank where the heaviest fighting occurred most of the second day. (looking south)

Gen. King's HQ overlooking Kelly Field (looking north)

Brotherton Cabin near Longstreet's penetration of the Union line (looking south)

Wilder Brigade Monument, where Col. John Wilder and his mounted infantry held off the Longstreet assault briefly, allowing Thomas to form a defense on Snodgrass Hill. (looking north-west)

Snodgrass cabin on the slopes of Snodgrass Hill (looking north)

Gen. Thomas's HQ just behind Snodgrass Hill

Monuments on the crest of Snodgrass Hill
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