Battle of Shiloh

Fraley Field where the opening shots occurred.

Line of the Hornet's Nest (looking southeast from the right flank)

Ruggles' Battery facing the Hornet's Nest (which is across the field)

Site of the death of Gen. Albert Sydney Johnston.
Segment of tree under which he was found is in rear. He actually died in the ravine to the right
rear behind the tree trunk.

Peach Orchard from the Federal position. Death site of A. S. Johnston is in the trees at center.
(Peach trees are "twigs")

Bloody Pond - a couple hundred feet to the rear of the Federal position at the Peach Orchard.

National Cemetery

One of five known Confederate burial trenches. The Federal dead
were disinterred from battlefield graves and moved to the National Cemetery.
The Confederate dead were left in these trenches scattlered around the battlefield.
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