Battle of Stones River
Murfreesboro, TN

View toward McFadden's Lane near center of Federal lines on the eve of the battle (looking north)

Abandoned artillery in the woods known as the "Slaughter Pen"

Limestone outcroppings found throughout the woods at Stones River

View from Sheridan's position in the Slaughter Pen. Confederates charged repeatedly over the field in front. (facing south-east)

Confederate point-of-view facing the cotton field. Union troops had retreated to a strong position along the trees in the distance. (facing north)

Cemetery for Hazen's Brigade in Round Forest
(Save the battlefields!)

Hazen's Monument

Site of the Union artillery position on the final day of the battle.

McFadden's Ford where Breckinridge attempted to push Federal troops back over the Stones River but were themselves defeated by Federal artillery (facing north)
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